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Essential Baits Thaumatin-B

- So what is it? 
Well, Thaumatin-B is a 100% natural liquid protein sweetener derived from African fruit and is approx 5,000 times sweeter than sugar! It includes the addition of Betaine and is exclusive to Essential. In other words, you will not find this product elsewhere under a different label! 
- How does it work? 
In short the liquid will speed up the natural fermentation process of all particles whilst at the same time have a very synergistic effect on the inherent sugars resulting from the fermentation process. It is extremely palatable an triggers an aggressive feeding response that is difficult to replicate with any other substance we have found. 
- What about inclusion levels? 
It can be used at just 5ml per dry kilo of particles (and up to 10ml) and is best added at the initial soaking stage, however, it can also be added to particles that have already been prepared as long as it is left to soak-in for at least 24-hours. If used at the lower inclusion level each 100ml bottle is enough to prepare 20kg of dry particles! 
- Does it have any other uses? 
Most definitely yes! We use it within all of our Fermented Liquid Foods to give them an added boost and to make them totally different (and better!) to other amino-based liquids available. It can also be used in any boilie glug/dip at a rate of just 1ml per 100ml to boost palatability and to give it a completely new lease of life. It can also be used at low level (2ml per kilo) in boilie recipes, particularly to take away any bitter edges from fishmeals etc. 
- Brief particle preperation guideline? 
Cover chosen particles with water. Make sure you add plenty of water to allow for the particles soaking it up and the evaporation process during boiling. We usually add at least several inches of water above particle level to allow for this. Add Thaumatin-B liquid to water and stir well. Example inclusion would be 25ml Thaumatin-B to 5kg dry particles as standard. This can be doubled for short session use/instant attraction. To increase visual attraction products such as long life or carnation milk can be added to the mix if required but this is not essential. 
- Leave particles standing for at least 24-hours to soak up liquid and attractors (this time can be doubled with hemp). After this, boil particles thoroughly (usually between 15-mins and 30-mins dependant on which type) and leave to stand overnight. Once cooled break down into smaller batches and place in freezer until ready to use. Particles can be constantly re-freezed with no detrimental effects. 
Our Price: £14.55
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