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Mainline Baits Dedicated Base Mix 1kg

- Cell Dedicated Base Mix 
The Cell is a completely different type of bait to everything that has gone before it - it’s not a milk protein, fishmeal or birdfood based bait, it is the next step in nutrition technology. Designed to provide a protein source that is easier for carp to convert than fishmeal and birdfood bases that will provoke a sustained feeding response in all water temperatures. 
Actively field-tested over a two-year period some truly outstanding results were experienced – results in fact that far out reached our own expectations. That is until Cell was released, and every carper of every level and ability who took up this bait took those results to a whole new level. Never seen before in fishing bait development! 
Recommended recipe: 500g Cell Base Mix & 15ml Cell Activator 
Hybrid Dedicated Base Mix 
- Two of Mainline's biggest carp catching baits of all time have been Cell and Activ-8 and now steps within our modern research of bait ingredients has allowed us to draw upon the qualities of these baits and take them to another, new level of bait development. The result, dare we say it is a new ‘super-bait’ aptly named – Hybrid! 
Hybrid, the latest in our long line of dedicated base mixes, truly is a bait like no other. Take the smell for example, like many of our food source baits you just can’t put your finger on what its is – you just know it smells…well carpy. Being neither an out-and-out fishmeal, high-protein nor bird food type bait; the style of this bait is typified by the name Hybrid. As it is the true combination of the very best ingredients and elements of bait design. It is quite simply the ultimate in carp food and structure to provoke a feeding response at any time of year regardless of water temperature. 
Recommended recipe: 500g Hybrid Base Mix & 15ml Hybrid Activator  
- Essential Cell Dedicated Base Mix 
Essential Cell takes the nutritional technology found to be so successful in the original Cell to a new, unprecedented level. Building upon this knowledge, Essential Cell is once again a bait that cannot be described solely as a protein, fishmeal or birdfood based bait. It is a mix of crucial dietary ingredients and food sources that carp find much easier to convert into energy and condition than standard fishmeal or bird food bases. The result is base mix containing active ingredients designed to react in water regardless of temperature, triggering a sustained feeding response. 
Yellow in colour with a fruitlike aroma, we are confident that Essential Cell is set to raise the benchmark of bait making once again. How can we be so confident? Well, following an extensive testing period of well over two years prior to release, the results enjoyed by consultants and field testers using Essential Cell have been exceptional. Meaning ‘confidence’ vital to your bait application is already assured. 
Recommended recipe: 500g Essential Cell Base Mix & 15ml Essential Cell Activator 
Our Price: £10.10
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