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Wychwood Tactical Stove

Weighing in at just 231g, the Tactical Stove features a very neat folding leg design that not only provides a stable footprint with a low centre of gravity when set-up, but folds down to less than 9cm in diameter. This is a super-compact burner as a result and for storage, it is designed to fit inside the Wychwood Carper’s kettle – perfect for anglers who value every inch of space! 
Manufactured from durable, high-grade aluminium and stainless steel the Tactical Stove features a pre-heater tube to improve combustion. In basic terms, the feeder tube for the gas passes near to the burner to pre-heat the gas, expanding it and reducing the chances of ‘spitting’ when lit, a common problem when cold gas is fed into a stove. 
There’s also a flexible hose that measures in at 35cm, meaning you can position the canister further away from the burner for improved safety. Being this length it also avoids the weight of the canister accidentally pulling at the burner, which can topple stoves with short hoses. Fitted with a regulator that fits ‘self-sealing’ screw-type canisters, it will work with a wide range of gas available from angling and camping stores. 
In tests, the Tactical Stove attained a 2-minute boil time with a 0.8l Wychwood Carper’s Kettle, impressive stats and perfect for when you’re dying for a quick brew! 
Our Price: £54.99
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