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ESP Tungsten Loaded Coated Hooklink

Available in soft and semi stiff with a choice of 3 colours to suit most lakebeds.  
This has been loaded to help its sink rate which helps to keep your hooklength pinned, as with most braids this has been developed for easy stripping allowing you to use a stiff hinged or similar style rig.  
The super strong Dyneema core has an achievable knot strength of over 30lb.  
Tried, tested and perfected in conjunction with Terry Hearn.  
20lb+ Soft  
This soft version is perfect for subtle presentations with hook baits such as small boilies and nuts. Balanced or buoyant baits combined with the inherent suppleness of the braid will help the rig settle perfectly while still pushing the bait away from the lead.  
20lb+ Semi-Stiff  
The semi-stiff version is outstanding as an all-round coated hooklink. When combined with larger hooks and boilies it is still rigid enough to push the bait away from the lead for optimum rig efficiency and also makes an excellent boom for hinge rigs. 
Version & Colour:
Our Price: £11.45
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